Since 2010

The Sponge brand was born in 2010 with the introduction of its first product, a small mp3 player. At the time, Edgaras (the founder of Sponge) wanted to offer an Apple iPod at a significantly lower price. With the success of the first product, more player models were born quickly, and later the product categories expanded, many of which were successful, being among the best-selling in their categories. Gaining more trust from our partners and consumers, in 2014 we bought the Šilelis brand. When we got to the right moment, we released the first Šilelis LED projector, which changed the whole home cinema culture. Today, the Sponge family owns two more brands (Šilelis and MINIMU) that mark several dozen amazing products.

Our activities

We design and manufacture various categories of consumer electronics, such as electric bicycles, smart watches, smart backpacks, cases for your computers, and more. We supply our products to leading retailers and online stores across Europe.

Our values

Sponge is a progressive and enthusiastic brand with a passion for an active lifestyle. Digital products improve our lives every day, and Sponge is part of this digital evolution. We strive to make your life more comfortable and active. The attention to detail makes Sponge products great, so every time you use them, you enter a new digital world.